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Commercial Add-ons

Some companies have contacted Blender Foundation about the possibility of having an add-on in our releases that hook up Blender with their services. For example 3d printing services or render farm providers.

Such add-ons would make it easier for users to submit 3d models to a 3d printing service (one click submit, costs feedback, etc). Or for submitting render jobs to a farm with some feedback mechanisms.

Below is the proposal that was reviewed and accepted by the core developer team.

BF will accept add-ons in a release from commercial vendors/services under the following conditions:

  1. Compliancy
    The add-on should comply to the same quality/design rules as we do for regular add-ons. That includes license compliancy, but also to not include banners, logos or advertisement.
    The add-on would default be not enabled, users have to activate it themselves.
  2. Clear user benefit
    The add-on should provide functionality to 3D artists that’s useful to have inside Blender. It can’t be for promotional usage of non-functional features (like linking to websites only, for tutorials, book stores, etc).
  3. Developed and maintained well
    The add-on is being created and maintained by the service provider (or a contracter managed by them). The add-on gets submitted via our regular channels on developer.blender.org.
  4. Development Fund support
    The service provider signs up for Diamond Sponsor level (250 euro per month). Cancelling a payment then also means we can drop the add-on. Any service that’s not making this profits per month with an add-on, can be considered to be not interested to have such an add-on either.

For more more questions you can always connect to foundation at blender org.