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Front-End Developer

Blender Institute, animation studio and central hub for the open source Blender project, is looking for a front-end developer to work on the Blender Cloud – our content sharing and film production system.

Help us to push our existing and upcoming our web platforms to the next level and join one of the most exciting creative Open Source projects in the world!

You will spend your day

  • Designing and implementing web applications that help artists and producers to make films and achieve other creative endeavours
  • Helping to shape the future of Blender Cloud, our content, production and render management software
  • Releasing everything you make as Free and Open Source Software

Must have

  • Experience with Javascript, AJAX and frameworks such as jQuery or Vue.js
  • Experience with UI frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation Framework
  • A constant desire to improve, learn more and take things further
  • Some basic experience with Python/Go and frameworks such as Flask or Django

What we offer

A work space in our office in Amsterdam, with 12 great colleagues who work on internationally renowned technology and award winning animation film.

One year contract, part time is possible.

In order to qualify for a position you must be legally allowed to work in the European Union and willing to relocate to the Netherlands.

How to apply

Send an email with your motivation to jobs@blender.org. We look forward to hearing from you!